My aim? To make your life easier.


No one works harder than a child who learns differently. It takes a huge amount of energy to look, write and listen all at once. It is frustrating to work all night and still not finish your homework. It is impossible to revise if you can't understand (or remember) what the teacher taught in class. 

How I can help

  • learn how to remember spellings
  • become a faster reader
  • understand teachers better
  • plan essays
  • take less time on homework
  • learn how to revise efficiently and effectively
  • organise your work
  • prepare for GCSEs and A Levels
  • know what to write and how to write it
  • work under timed conditions

I have been a teacher for a long time and I've taught many, many students just like you. More importantly, I can tell in just a few sessions how your brain works - and  I can show you too. It will make everything a bit easier.

And I'm not boring.