Many families benefit from continued support which is beyond the remit of initial specialist assessment

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The implications for the parent, the child and the school often arise in the months which succeed the report.  In order for the report to be successful, the link between assessment of need and provision on offer must be explicit. Translating the report into robust provision which can be monitored for efficacy requires skills in schools-based practice.

My aim is to carry on your work so that the report translates into support.

How I can help

I work with parents who are embarking on what may be lifelong learning support.

  • Parents need to be prepared for clear and balanced conversations with the school
  • Reasonable adjustments to practice will be influenced by the clarity and ease of uptake
  • Specialist reports benefit from clear, personalised intervention/teaching plans
  • Interventions will need to be carefully monitored for efficacy
  • Specialist support will need to be integrated 

A diagnosis can provide relief for the parent, but there is a perception among parents that a diagnosis will act as a key to alleviating the child’s difficulty, unlocking a cascade of support. While schools must make reasonable adjustments, these will vary school to school. Too often parents and schools appear at cross purposes. I help parents develop confidence in working with schools and I help schools develop confidence in delivering support.