Make a difference right away



Individual workshops teach parents how to support their child at home

We start with a phone call to discuss your concerns. I may ask you to scan some examples of school work to send me, or email me specialist or school reports. 

In a single session, you will learn simple games and exercises you can do at home. These 'games' are research-based methods for supporting the particular issue your child is having at present. I will discuss the development of the skill in question and how you can see if you're making progress. This is an opportunity for you to have fun with your child and support learning too.


Group workshops teach parents about learning differences

These two hour workshops demystify cognition and learning so that you can understand what goes on in your child's brain. I will teach you the mechanics of learning, how these vary for neurodivergent children and young people and what you can expect in the years ahead. You will understand how support can change your child's experience and what is underneath performance in the classroom. Become a knowledgeable advocate for neurodiversity and learning differences.