Missy, Highgate

7A* and 3A. And to think she spent her whole academic life scraping along the bottom, until we crossed paths with Julianne.

Our story is one I hear often. I thought there was a problem and the school said no. When my daughter was 12 she was meant to give a big speech and try as she could, she couldn't read it. Not fluently. My heart sunk and I thought it was too late. Then we met Julianne and everything changed. We had her assessed. Julianne helped us create targets for her which we brought to the school. She worked with our SENCO. She gave us a home plan. She coordinated everyone and all the work and within one term things changed. Now our daughter is at a Russell group uni where she is thriving- not just academically but socially. Julianne gave her her confidence back and we all love her to bits.