Sam, Hampstead Garden Suburb

If my son makes it to University, it will be because of Julianne. We were shocked with the GCSE predictions for our son, just shocked. The school never said there was a problem even though we asked pointedly every term. By the time they predicted just Bs, we were sure it was too late. We were so lucky Julianne had a space for Nick. He understood everything, he just couldn’t get it on paper. Julianne taught him simple strategies which helped him get organised and stop waffling. He wanted to go to every session (not our usual situation with lesson I assure you) and by the time he sat his GCSEs, he was so much more confident. He got a mix of As and Bs - so there was no miracle - but he can go forward with history and that’s enough for us. Honestly, I don’t know what we’d do without her.