Alex, St John's Wood

Julianne has been totally invaluable to our family since we met her five years ago.  

Julianne completely understands my children’s individual, complex, needs. With each child she quickly identified their strengths and any areas they found challenging. Julianne teaches the children the strategies they need to overcome their issues. They have all confidently thrived under her tutelage. 

Until I met Julianne I never understood the importance of a personalised learning approach.  Although the topic (or the intended outcome) may be identical, Julianne changes her approach to suit each child’s personal needs.

Her knowledge and breadth of experience is second to none.  Julianne has also been a strong advocate for my children; and has helped me ensure the schools provide the right approach and support my children need. She fights for their rights and fully understands the process of working with schools. Her amazing ability of getting schools to help, in a way that they have previously refused, is nothing short of genius.

I cannot express how having Julianne onside has given us a tremendous feeling of security, during what has been an overwhelming time, as the parents of three children who need something different at school. Her ‘little black book’ has also proven to be a very helpful source of relevant, specialist professionals. 

Julianne’s help has evolved over the years but her genuine care, support, loyalty and advice have never wavered. To say that we are very grateful to have found Julianne would be a huge understatement, and I only wish that our paths had crossed earlier.