Jane Gilmour, MA PhD DClinPsy Chartered Child and Family Clinical Psychologist

Three reasons to recommend Julianne

For parents:

If your child has had an educational psychology assessment, it will probably describe lots of different measures of brain function and school performance. It might also include a diagnosis. Diagnoses are useful for many reasons but they are simply a short-hand for a set of difficulties that often go together. Dyslexia, for example, can have many different causes and presentations. You may need a bridge between the (necessarily) complicated information in a good educational report and communicating the day-to-day education strategies to the teaching staff who support your child. Julianne bridges that gap. She has a high-grade specialist educational background and could charm the birds from the trees with her capacity to communicate; a formidable skill-set for an advocate. You want Julianne Miller on your team.

For school staff:

 Julianne will accurately convey complex information from the report and translate it into a support package for your child’s specific educational needs at school. She will give school staff practical and effective methods that are tailored to your child’s educational profile. She moves beyond a broad diagnosis, which while important may miss the subtleties of your child’s issues.  Most importantly, she understands the simplest strategies are most likely to be implemented day after day.

For your child:

As your child grows up, it is increasingly important for them to make or ask for changes in their learning environment so that they can maximise their abilities. This might mean asking a teacher to talk more slowly, for example. Therefore it is very important that young people understand their own educational profile so they play to their strengths and accept their vulnerabilities. Julianne tells it straight, with humour, sensitivity and in language that is at once engaging, understandable and empowering.