Is your child struggling in school?

Have exam results been a shock?


Every school wants the same thing for a student: to succeed in the classroom and grow as a confident learner.

But schools are busy places, and even with the best intentions a child may be overlooked or no support can be provided - especially when the problem isn't seen as severe or learning support resources are limited.

Straightforward difficulties with reading and spelling tend to be easiest to identify. But if there is a tangle of issues with listening, writing, attention or exam performance, schools can find it tricky to know how to help.

You need a plan.

How I can help

I provide practical academic solutions.

I use a combination of cognitive testing and dynamic assessment over 2 sessions. I assess reading, spelling and writing strategies as well as exam technique. We then meet to discuss:

  • A practical explanation of your child’s profile
  • What I think is going wrong
  • What effective support would look like and why
  • How best to achieve this
  • What you will need to provide out of school
  • What is reasonable to expect from your school
  • How to collaborate effectively with your school

You will come away with the confidence to take action.

How are you different from an educational psychologist?

An educational psychologist assesses a child to give a diagnosis but having a diagnosis does not entitle your child to support.

I assess a child to provide practical academic solutions.